Born in the Amazon and rooted in 13 years of deep relationship with indigenous communities, Regenativ is creating solutions to preserve nature and empower the people who protect it, at scale.

Our mission is to maximize the positive environmental, social and systemic impacts, through innovative impact businesses, in order to shift the economic paradigm towards a total harmony between humans and the planet.


1. Envisioning

We design scalable initiatives that can generate revenue while preserving and restoring endangered ecosystems, harnessing the full potential of each hectare by considering all possible economic models and technologies.

2. Structuring

We bring together highly qualified technical, financial and legal strategic partners to materialize each venture, acting collaboratively to achieve the best result.

3. Operating

We begin by acting hands-on as executives in each venture while building a top-notch team so they can gradually become independent and grow.

4. Empowering People

Depending on each venture’s stage and scalability potential, between 10% and 100% of the profits are donated to Instituto Yubekã, the nonprofit we have established as an autonomous entity to develop projects with and for the local communities.

Our initiatives

  •    Biohma EcoServices

    Biohma is our nature-based solutions venture through which we have mapped and analyzed more than 1 million hectares in the Amazon Rainforest and other biodiversity hotspots in Brazil. We are mobilizing capital to acquire and generate environmental assets on the properties with the highest potential for conservation and restoration, including agroforestry, establishing consortiums with strategic partners. We are also developing partnerships with landowners specifically for large scale restoration projects.

  •    Tarayá Project

    Regenativ, in partnership with Living Gaia LLC, have acquired a property with 16.400 hectares in Acre, Brazilian Amazon, neighboring the Huni Kuin tribe to guarantee the protection of this biodiversity hotspot and create a buffer zone for the indigenous reserves. Our mission is to develop bioeconomy projects to generate revenue integrating the local communities and directing profits to a fund that aims to bring economic sovereignty to the 36 villages and 4000 Huni Kuin of Jordão municipality.

Instituto Yubekã

Regenativ comprises an ecosystem composed of a venture builder (operational/holding company), multiple ventures and an autonomous, yet symbiotic nonprofit, the Instituto Yubekã, which acts as our social impact delivery instrument, making it an essential part of the core of our purpose. Instituto Yubekã is guided by a multidisciplinary team with more than a decade of deep experience and relationship, learning from and developing projects with and for the indigenous communities.

Our ventures donate the highest part of their profits to Instituto Yubekã while keeping their scalability so that the resources directed to social impact are maximized in the long-term. Our first goal is to foster the full economic sovereignty of the Huni Kuin people and then expand these benefits to other indigenous communities.


Executives and Co-founders

  • Pedro Paulo Lins e Silva


  • Luisa Ribeiro


  • Rodrigo Gonçalves


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